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Online Drivers Education

Our California DMV approved online class allows you the convenience of studying for your driver's test from your own home and at any time.

The course is completely online.
If you do not want to register for this class online, you can come into our office and pay us by cash, check or credit and we register for you.
Driving Students with the Instructor——Driving Instructions in El Cajon, CA
Driving Student Approve—Driving Instructions in El Cajon, CA
In this course you will read and learn all about the basics of driving, including:
  • Driving behavior and psychology
  • Basic science of driving
  • The laws of the road
  • Vehicle ownership codes, licenses, permits, registration, etc.
  • Vehicle purchase, maintenance, safety equipment, etc.
  • Basic rules in certain driving situations (passing, freeway, etc.)
  • Traffic and emergency situations and how to react
  • Sharing the road
  • How to deal with different driving conditions
  • Why you should never drive under the influence
Once you have completed the 10 unit course and its corresponding quizzes, you will be ready to take the 30-question final exam online. Once passed, a certificate of completion will be issued in your name stating you have successfully completed online driver's education.

By completing this course, you will be ready for the DMV written test then Behind the Wheel Training.
Returning or New Students, please click below:
To register for classes and be taught by professional instructors that can assist with the basic of driving including:
  • Not Driving Under the Influence
  • Driving Conditions
  • Road Sharing
  • Emergency Situations
  • Traffic
  • Basic Rules of Driving
  • About the Vehicle
  • Laws of the Road
  • Overall driving basics
After completing a 10 unit course along with corresponding quizzes, the final exam will be 30-question exam. After completion of the exam, you will receive a certification that will include your name saying that you passed the driver's online education course.
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