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About Us

About Our Driving School

Who we are:
What we do:

Here at Safety School of Driving we have been serving the area of San Diego and surrounding areas since 1980. Our instructors have been certified, trained and licensed by the members of the Driver School Association of California (DSAC). Our California Driving School License# is 2161.

Our services include behind the wheel training and driving education for teenagers, adults and seniors. We also handle special cases such as licenses being suspended and traffic tickets.
We prepare and train students to pass the DMV driving test but we are focused in teaching and training good driving habits for the safety of the driver and others on the road

Our mission:

We are dedicated to help create safer roads for all of San Diego. We do this by pointing out bad habits and practice on fixing them from the moment training starts. Safety School of Driving is proud to have served and continue to serve San Diego by making the roads safer.

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