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Our instructors are all licensed and certified by the Driving School Association of California, and each of them truly strives to focus on the individual. We understand that everyone's learning style, driving experience, and level of comfort on the road is different, so we cater our teaching to meet each student's needs.

Whether you need online education classes or behind-the-wheel experience, we have the course you're looking for. At our safety driving school, we offer a variety of courses for ages 15 and up and all skill levels - from beginner to experienced.

Our Instructors

As any 16-year-old can tell you, being able to drive is a big deal. And as any parent can tell you, being able to drive safely is an even bigger deal. At Safety School of Driving, we offer drivers' education classes for both teenagers and adults. Whether you're working towards getting your license for the first time or you need to remedy a suspended license, our driving school in the San Diego, CA, area can help.

Our Courses

All you need to know about services we provide and how to get your driver license.


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